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Social Contracts

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Firm News

I am all about social contracts lately… the kind everyone should make when they walk out the door, when they answer the phone, when the intentionally place themselves in contact with other fellow humans. Let me example this for you: when driving, you have an obligation to pay attention to traffic, to go forward when you should. If you are driving and texting and therefore taking too long at a stop sign, inconveniencing people behind you, you have not accepted your obligations under a social contract to be out with other humans. If you stop at a yellow light, inconveniencing others and possibly causing an accident so that you can finish that text, that meme, that post… you have not accepted your obligations under the social contract.

If you answer the phone with an attitude, you have forgotten your social obligations to be a kind and decent human being. Here’s a concept: don’t answer the phone. Don’t drive and text… don’t go shopping only to bite off the head of the cashier.

It is not that I am not guilty of avoiding my social obligations: I accept my own judgment. And, when I do consider myself “not fit for human consumption,” I stay home. I don’t answer the phone… I sit there until I can figure out why I am so salty on life and I figure out a way to change my attitude before I leave the house.

What we throw into the universe just comes back to us… think about that. You’re mean to someone… you are an unkind, yelling jerk: that is just going to come back to you. So, don’t be a dick. Simple, right?

I am here if you need me.

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