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Aretha Franklin

So... writing is (almost) my favorite thing to do. It is provides a creative release not available in my chosen profession. I mean, there are two sides to every story, right? But the law is quite literally black and white. Black words written on white pages... do...

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So, there is this article that keeps popping up everywhere... it's called something like "how to keep a good man from leaving" or something like that. I won't post a link to it because I think the concept is, how do you say, RIDICULOUS. First... let's start with the...

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I still believe in love... And, you should too. I've been through a nasty divorce; I survived it and even learned to smile and laugh again. Divorce doesn't have to be nasty, it doesn't have to be spiteful. It will be sad, yes. It may be complicated, who gets what......

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Hello World.

Divorce shmivorce, right? The process is scary, intimidating, expensive, long... it doesn't have to be. There is a better way to divorce, in less time and without beating each other up with swords and shields - through expensive lawyers! With a collaboratively trained...

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Caring, Personal Attention For Every Case

Christine Sue Cook has earned a reputation in the legal community for her professionalism and among her clients for the care and personal attention she gives to every case.