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When I was in high school, I told my mother that I had learned everything there is to know after my junior year and I didn't need to attend my senior year full-time. She loves to tell people that story. Now that I've turned 50, I realize that the millennials really do...

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Breaking up

"Breaking up is like knocking over a coke machine. You can’t do it in one push. You’ve got to rock it back and forth a few times and then it goes over...." Copyright Jerry Seinfeld/NBC. "I’ll be here when you need me...." Copyright Christine Sue Cook, LLC 2019...

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So, a few things have aligned this week to inspire this writing. The social media engines have been bugging me to post something. I've been really connecting lately... with everyone. I've been asked a lot lately "why" I do what I do. I recently had lunch with my...

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Social Contracts

I am all about social contracts lately... the kind everyone should make when they walk out the door, when they answer the phone, when the intentionally place themselves in contact with other fellow humans. Let me example this for you: when driving, you have an...

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Tom Petty

The beast has been "woke." (I hate that colloquialism because I am a grammar freak, but seems right here.) Clients and potential clients ask me "how much will this cost?" a lot. Honestly, I can only expel air... shrug my shoulders, chuckle. All of those responses are...

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Chicken Little

So, I've been remembering the horror of my own divorce when it felt like the entire world was falling down on top of me and crushing me, my hopes, my dreams and everything else to death. I was incapable of seeing things through anyone's lenses except my own. And, I...

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Aretha Franklin

So... writing is (almost) my favorite thing to do. It is provides a creative release not available in my chosen profession. I mean, there are two sides to every story, right? But the law is quite literally black and white. Black words written on white pages... do...

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So, there is this article that keeps popping up everywhere... it's called something like "how to keep a good man from leaving" or something like that. I won't post a link to it because I think the concept is, how do you say, RIDICULOUS. First... let's start with the...

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