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So… I recently hired a company to write my blogs.  Anyone who follows surely can tell that.  I don’t know who “you” are… my “audience” but I pride myself in, above all other things, being full of integrity and being authentic.  So, I am back… and I am grateful for...

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3 common myths about divorce

Ending your marriage is difficult, even if you and your spouse both agree to the split. Not only does divorce mark a major change in your life, but you may have to learn how to co-parent, move out of your home and start living as a single person again.  You may have...

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What is collaborative divorce?

An increasingly popular way to handle family law matters is through “collaborative” processes. This area of dispute resolution allows divorcing partners to still retain attorneys to protect their individual interests, but avoid conflict in court. The opportunity to...

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How Bad Can It Be?

So this is going to be a stream of consciousness entry… because after dealing with toxic divorce attorneys my brain is mush. Over a year ago, when I was getting into the “collaborative movement” amongst the family law professionals, I referenced how many areas in...

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When I was in high school, I told my mother that I had learned everything there is to know after my junior year and I didn't need to attend my senior year full-time. She loves to tell people that story. Now that I've turned 50, I realize that the millennials really do...

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Caring, Personal Attention For Every Case

Christine S. Cook has earned a reputation in the legal community for her professionalism and among her clients for the care and personal attention she gives to every case.