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Where did dignity go? There is no dignity in anything anymore. Whether you think politics have always been sh*t (they have), the absolute lack of dignity is appalling. Regardless of the tribe to which you subscribe. People have no shame. When has it ever been...

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Will nesting work for you?

When you are deciding what to do about your housing situation after your divorce, consider some alternatives to the traditional methods. Bird nesting is one such option. If you and your co-parent still get along decently, this is a good option to consider. First, make...

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What is intestate succession?

When you make out a will, you describe what you want to happen to your property and assets after you die. Your surviving relatives, your executor and the court all have a responsibility to respect your wishes and fulfill them to the extent possible. If you die without...

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Navigating stepparent adoption

The definition of family is constantly evolving, but the law does not always keep pace. Navigating the legal nuances of stepparent adoption requires an understanding of the associated procedures. Stepparent adoption can be simple in situations where one biological...

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