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Christine has been helping our clients prepare for a better future for more than two decades. With insight from her own painful divorce experience, she focuses her practice on family law. Her passion is to help people protect themselves and their children while, as much as possible, helping them to avoid the bitterness and hard feelings that so often accompany disputes in this area of the law.

Ms. Cook has earned a reputation in the legal community for her professionalism and among her clients for the care and detailed attention she gives to every case. Learn more about her professional background by visiting the link below:

Christine S. Cook

Better Results In Divorce Through Collaborative Law

Divorce, child custody and other family disputes are emotional by nature, and our adversarial justice system tends to make those emotions worse. Even an uncontested divorce that is settled out of court by the spouses and their lawyers can get ugly when the parties are motivated more by hurting the other side than by reaching an agreement.

This attitude can make it harder to resolve disputes and can leave lasting resentments. This, in turn, can harm parents’ ability to cooperate with each other on parenting responsibilities. These unresolved conflicts often hurt their children’s mental health in the long run.

An Attorney Trained In Collaborative Law

Attorney Christine S. Cook is trained in collaborative law, a system that uses mediation and other techniques to resolve family law disputes in a positive, forward-looking way. However, she also has extensive experience arguing forcefully on behalf of clients in adversarial negotiations and in court. She has the skills to take a case wherever it needs to go to secure the best results for our clients.

Your Estate Plan May Need To Be Revised After Your Divorce

A lot can happen after you draft your estate plan. We help people revise their wills and other estate planning documents after a divorce or any other big life change so that their plan reflects their new reality and needs.

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Christine S. Cook has earned a reputation in the legal community for her professionalism and among her clients for the care and personal attention she gives to every case.

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