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This post is a day late… it is not, however, a dollar short. September 11, 2001 – I was in a suburb of Washington, DC getting ready to go into the District. I had just finished sealing the last of the 28 envelopes containing cover letters, resumes, writing samples, transcripts [...]

To thine own self, be true

Today is a self-care day for me… I am weak from an allergy attack that kept me up until 4 AM and now I am hopped up on Sudafed … I am relinquished to do nothing because my body is too weak for anything else (well, I worked, but whatareyagonnado?). [...]

…to Norm

After a long week… a couple of hearings, a few mediations… it’s not even Friday, which holds the promise of another hearing, I’m trying to relax and recharge. I’ve got the HBO show Succession on. It’s a great drama… but I literally just gasped at the dialogue. At the audacity [...]

Love to the nth power

Love love love love love love…. It’s everywhere you look in my home and in my office. And in my heart. I’m making changes in my life… not the kind of changes our clients are making but change is hard no matter what. I started my yoga practice again this [...]

Big mouth

When I was a little girl, my dad taught me to fish. We lived in Michigan on the Great Lakes… I remember catching big mouth bass, pike and rainbow trout. We used to go out a little John boat at dawn and be home to gut fish to cook for [...]

Divorce for Sport(?)

So… it’s been a long time since my divorce. Thank GOD. For some reason tonight, I took myself back to that time… when I was 6 months post-partum, with the depression that goes along with that. A mere thirteen MONTHS after I pledged my vows. My divorce attorney told me [...]

What to know about changing your will in divorce

If your marriage is not working out, you probably are wondering how you can keep your spouse from getting your personal possessions. In a divorce, your wife or husband will receive a share of your marital property. Still, this does not mean you cannot protect your personal property in your [...]

What are the elements of a solid trust?

A trust can be a great addition to your estate plan. You can choose to either create a revocable or irrevocable trust. Regardless of your decision, all trusts must have certain elements to be legally binding. You will also need to ensure that you follow all Florida laws when creating [...]

Free Hugs (or Happy Birthday Gram!)

So… divorce is yucky right? It blurs the line between head and heart. Romance vs. statutes. I saw something recently that said you can’t see your reflection in boiling water … similarly you can’t make good decisions when you’re all twisted, both in your heart and head. (It was probably [...]

Cardio and Laughter – the best medicine…

So, how do YOU deal with the stress of everyday life? Do you have a tactic for that? I get on a cardio machine and put on some stand-up comedy. Of course, Dave Chappelle is my go-to (Hiiiiii Dave Chappelle!), but honestly Netflix is kicking it out of the park. [...]


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