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Planning For The Unthinkable: A Guardianship Can Offer Peace Of Mind Now And Later

What will happen to your child or children if you and the other parent die? No one wants to imagine this. However, creating guardianship can be a crucial part of careful planning.

Attorney Christine S. Cook handles Florida guardianships. She can help you plan for who should raise your children and what information to include when setting up this very important document.

How To Choose The Right Guardian For Your Child

Many people erroneously believe that the guardian has to be a blood relative. In truth, you can choose anyone you feel will raise your child or children in the parenting style that best fits. You may want to consider your religious beliefs, your preferred discipline method, where your children live now and how moving to be with a guardian will affect them.

Some other questions to consider when selecting a guardian are:

  • Is the potential guardian up to the task; physically, mentally, emotionally?

  • Does the potential guardian already have children? Will more kids make it difficult?

  • Do your child and the potential guardian gel? Will they get along?

  • Can your potential guardian afford to raise your child or children?

It may not be possible to find a perfect guardian, but it is worthwhile to take the time to select the best fit. An estate planning attorney who is experienced in guardianships can walk you through this process. You may want to create or update your will in conjunction with designating a guardian for your minor children. You may want to include a letter of instruction with your will or directly to the person you select in the event you create a guardianship.

Establishing a trust for your child or children can also bring you peace of mind.

Get The Guardianship Guidance You Need

Christine S. Cook has two decades of experience helping clients prepare for the future. She can help you determine who is the “best fit” guardian. She will walk you through the process to ensure you have everything you need to get the peace of mind good planning can bring. Want to find out more?

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