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Property Division In Your Divorce: Helping You Fight For A Financially Secure Future

The end of a marriage creates an uncertain future both personally and financially for you and your spouse. When it comes to dividing your property, you may have questions and concerns. After all, you want to start the next chapter of your life with a certain level of financial security.

Equitable Distribution In Marital Assets

Under Florida law, equitable division applies to marital property for couples ending their marriage. Various factors come into play, including the length of your union to your contributions in generating income to taking care of the family home.

A skilled attorney experienced in handling property division matters is essential to protecting your interests.

One-On-One Guidance

Attorney Christine S. Cook, in Pensacola, has many years of family law experience and provided one-on-one guidance to each of her clients.

She is also trained in collaborative law, an alternative dispute resolution method many couples use when it comes to property and other matters relating to divorce. However, collaboration in property division is only as effective as both spouses participating in the process. When your soon-to-be ex-spouse refuses to come to the negotiation table, Christine S. Cook has the litigation skills needed to protect your interests in a court of law.

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