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Understand How Child Time-Sharing In Florida Is Decided And How This Affects Time With Your Kids After Divorce

Christine Sue Cook, LLC, in Pensacola helps divorcing parents establish time sharing (formerly knowns as child custody or visitation) in the state of Florida. Attorney Christine S. Cook takes a compassionate approach to ensure that the well-being of the child or children always comes first.

The Factors Florida Courts Use To Determine A Time-Sharing Plan

While the number one factor considered in Florida time-sharing plans is what is best for the child or children, there are several other issues that the courts look at as well. They include:

  • How capable each parent is to raise the child or children

  • The moral, physical and mental health of each parent

  • How able each parent is to provide for the child or children

  • How safe the environment is with each parent

  • Where each parent lives, the physical geography

  • How willing each parent is to be an active participant in the child’s life

  • Whether or not there has been any abuse in the home or with either parent

Time-sharing agreements are perhaps the most important facet of a divorce. Attorney Christine S. Cook will take the time to discuss what your child needs, how you can provide and what type of time-sharing plan meets those factors.

Standing Up For The Rights Of Fathers

Time sharing is no longer gender-based as it used to be when the “tender years doctrine” was the main legal principle used to determine custody. This 19th-century common law was based on the presumption that children, especially young children, should stay with their mother until they reach a certain age.

Today we know, and study after study has shown, that in an overwhelming number of cases, children benefit from having both parents active in their lives. For this reason, Christine S. Cook is proud to advocate on behalf of fathers who may mistakenly believe they don’t have the same rights as mothers. She has experience in a wide array of issues impacting fathers, including establishing or contesting paternity, modifying child support orders, obtaining a fair amount of time with their children and more.

An Attorney Well-Versed In Collaborative Law

Christine S. Cook is also very well-versed in collaborative law and, when this modality suits, will employ this positive, cooperative approach to effectively resolve your time-sharing issue. Collaborative law and mediation are often less combative, less bitter and easier on children. Collaborative law, as the name suggests, is empowering to the parties involved and conducive to preserving relationships in family law issues.

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Work With Christine S. Cook On Your Florida Time-Sharing Matter

Your children deserve the very best you have to offer. Make sure that when you devise a time-sharing plan the needs of your child or children are your first priority. Attorney Christine S. Cook will work with you to ensure your plan meets the needs of your children and fits with your goals.

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