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Moving on after a heartbreak…

Break-ups are hard… even when it is what we WANT and when we KNOW it is the right thing to do. Never mind the light at the end of the tunnel, the happiness is nowhere to be seen.

According to psychologists, our bodies go through withdrawal similar to a drug addict. We NEED our loved one, we reminisce, we look at old pictures and texts… we dream about them. Yeah, it’s happened to me too… so I am speaking from experience.

And, I am also speaking from experience when I say that when your body and your mind allow you to let go, and you stop watching the romantic comedies (my go-to is “He’s Just Not That Into You”) and get out there… back to the gym, the beach, the coffee house, you WILL feel better. You will laugh again… you will flirt again… you will find happiness and joy.

If your relationship is robbing you of true joy, it’s time to let it go. There are plenty of people around you to help pick you up… trust them for a while. And, trust that you’re making the right decision for you, for your kids, for your future, for the universe… we need happier people in the world – come join us.

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