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What are the elements of a solid trust?

A trust can be a great addition to your estate plan. You can choose to either create a revocable or irrevocable trust. Regardless of your decision, all trusts must have [...]

Are you overdue for an estate plan update?

Though creating the initial estate plan takes a lot of work, it is by no means the last step you will have to take for your estate on a whole. [...]

What should you include in your estate plan?

Estate planning is crucial for all people, regardless of age or financial status. Elements of estate plans offer protection to your loved ones, but they can also protect you while [...]

What may I accomplish by creating a living trust?

Floridians often refer to a revocable trust as a “living” trust because of its use during your lifetime. A living trust, for example, serves as an estate planning tool that [...]

Align your estate plan with your future goals

Estate planning is something you might easily overlook, particularly if you feel comfortable and content with your life. However, choosing to plan ahead, long before you need to, can help [...]

Why you need a will and what it should include

Many people do not take the time to create a will, thinking they can put off doing so until they accumulate more assets. However, most adults should consider making a [...]

What are the types of powers of attorney?

A power of attorney gives another person the right to make decisions for you. You can choose from different types of powers of attorney depending on your needs or intentions. [...]


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