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Month: December 2021

Situations that bode well for a stepchild adoption

Becoming a stepparent through adoption involves many factors—personal, legal, financial—and includes unique circumstances in every situation. Sometimes, though, your circumstances make it clear that becoming a stepparent improves many aspects [...]

Two power of attorney documents handle two vital issues

A power of attorney authorizes a trusted agent to communicate on behalf of an ill or otherwise vulnerable individual. Two distinct types of legal documents offer protection. One may prevent [...]

How do you tell your spouse you want a divorce?

You and your spouse tried counseling, taking time for yourselves and talking with loved ones. Still, your marriage feels empty. Divorce seems like the only sensible response to the matter, [...]

What is a health care proxy?

While planning your estate, you learn about health directives and health care proxies. How do these terms fit into your plan and affect your end-of-life desires? The American Bar Association [...]

What moves should you avoid when co-parenting?

Sharing parenting responsibilities with your ex may feel complicated at first. While working together for your children may be in the best interests of your little ones, you may still [...]

How can you pick the right executor for your will?

One of the most essential roles to fill is the executor when it comes to your will. According to CNBC, the executor files the will, pays off debts, closes accounts [...]

What is the putative father registry?

Though there is no uniform definition of “father” in state statutes across the country, many states, including Florida, have different categories of fathers. Two common categories include “putative fathers” and [...]

How a divorce could affect an older couple’s finances

According to a survey by the AARP, a divorce between couples over age 50 offered 76% of the respondents a fresh start. As noted by Kiplinger's Personal Finance, individuals 65 [...]


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