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Passport problems as a result of unpaid child support

If you currently owe back child support, you likely worry about many different challenges. This is a serious debt that can turn many facets of your life on end, whether [...]

Bad Moms Christmas

Change is hard. It’s scary. It’s also sometimes quite necessary. A bad marriage has several definitions, depending on who you are, I guess. What is your definition of marriage? Love [...]

Florida’s penalties for not paying child support

If you have to pay court-ordered child support, you expect these obligations soon because your relationship with your child's other parent is ending or you receive child support payments, it [...]

Will collaborative divorce work?

Collaborative divorce has seen an uptick in support from divorce advocates and attorneys across the board in recent years. More people find what they need within it. But how does [...]


Where did dignity go? There is no dignity in anything anymore. Whether you think politics have always been sh*t (they have), the absolute lack of dignity is appalling. Regardless of [...]

Will nesting work for you?

When you are deciding what to do about your housing situation after your divorce, consider some alternatives to the traditional methods. Bird nesting is one such option. If you and [...]

Three tips to handle your marital home in divorce

You and your spouse have lived together in a single residence for years. Now that you are ending your marriage, the time has come to figure out what to do [...]

Navigating stepparent adoption

The definition of family is constantly evolving, but the law does not always keep pace. Navigating the legal nuances of stepparent adoption requires an understanding of the associated procedures. Stepparent [...]


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