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2 ways social media can impact your divorce

Social media makes it easy to share details about your life with others all over the world. If posting on social media is the highlight of your daily life, you may want to watch what you share online during a divorce. Anything you put online may come back and haunt you in the divorce settlement and potentially impact child custody.

You do not necessarily need to hide your social media accounts or temporarily deactivate them while you and your spouse are going through a divorce. Just remain mindful of the following ways social media can impact the outcome.

More scrutiny

Divorce is a time where you should remain mindful of your actions and words. You and your partner may have lingering negative feelings towards each other. Instead of sharing them online via social media, you should keep them to yourself. Watch what you post online and what you respond to. The less you share online regarding your feelings, opinions, etc. about the divorce, the less you have to worry about the impact.

Creates challenges

Sharing information about your life, in particular, divorce online may seem like a good way for you to gain support and sympathy for your side of things, but it could backfire. Your posts, videos and comments can be used to paint you in a different light than what the courts see. Your social media activity may become evidence to support accusations of infidelity, financial mismanagement, hidden assets and other common divorce problems.

Divorce is not always easy. But with the right approach, you can prevent your social media activity from becoming fuel for the fire in your divorce.


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