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3 common myths about divorce

Ending your marriage is difficult, even if you and your spouse both agree to the split. Not only does divorce mark a major change in your life, but you may have to learn how to co-parent, move out of your home and start living as a single person again. 

You may have heard some myths about divorce that worry you about the impending process. But not everything you hear about the divorce process is necessarily true. 

1. Problems will end immediately

You and your spouse may decide to file for divorce because you want to eliminate constant frustration and fighting from your life. But filing for divorce does not mean your issues will end immediately. For instance, if you intend to co-parent, disagreements about how to raise your children could continue. 

2. The mother always gets the children

The court decides what is in the best interests of the children before determining legal and physical custody. Factors considered can include the availability of both parents, which parent is currently the primary caretaker, the age of the children, each parent’s living situation and many others. 

3. You have to establish fault

In Florida, according to The Florida Bar, you do not have to establish fault before dissolving your marriage. Instead, either you or your spouse has to prove your union is “irretrievably broken.”  

Assuming myths like these and others are true can make your divorce more difficult on many levels. Remember that your divorce experience will be different than everyone else’s, and it is important to focus on yourself while going through this process. 


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