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This post is a day late… it is not, however, a dollar short.

September 11, 2001 – I was in a suburb of Washington, DC getting ready to go into the District. I had just finished sealing the last of the 28 envelopes containing cover letters, resumes, writing samples, transcripts … everything required to be considered for a job as an attorney. In Manhattan.

I spent Labor Day weekend in Manhattan in 2001. I was interviewing. I was in a cab on the West Side Highway being taken downtown for an interview. It was August 31, 2001. I looked up at the beautiful towers and thought “I wonder when they will be hit again.”

My eyes well with tears thinking about that day… August 31st. I knew nothing about world politics then. But I had a feeling.

As I was just about to leave the house on September 11th, I caught a glimpse of the television. The first tower had been hit… I called a friend and we watched together in horror as the second tower was struck.

Twenty-eight stuffed and stamped envelopes were ready to be sent. All letters dated September 11, 2001.

I was young and jobless. I didn’t have the money to rip open each envelope, reprint 28 new letters on watermarked, resume paper, reprint 28 labels, affix to 28 new envelopes… buy 28 new stamps.

Obviously this is a pittance of tragedies to come out of 9/11.

But, to this day, I regret sending those resumes. I regret that anyone received and opened those letters dated September 11, 2001.

My office isn’t open on 9/11 – any year. Nothing will come from my office with the 9/11 date on it, ever.

I take the day to reflect… to feel the profound sadness of the tragedy of that day. For thousands of people. I listen to no music. I shed many tears, as is usual on the anniversary. I watch a 9/11 documentary… or two. I pray. I talk to God. I talk to myself. I reach out to the one friend I could not get in touch with on 9/11 … the one who lived in Hell’s Kitchen and who took this attack personally.

And I prepare myself to forge ahead, like all Americans did on 9/12/2001. We all held each other and supported each other; we cried together … and loved one another.

Maybe this September 12, 2023, we can all try that again… to love each other.

Be love and be loved.



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