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To thine own self, be true

Today is a self-care day for me… I am weak from an allergy attack that kept me up until 4 AM and now I am hopped up on Sudafed … I am relinquished to do nothing because my body is too weak for anything else (well, I worked, but whatareyagonnado?).

Wherever you are in your journey, remember it is important to care for yourself … put on your oxygen mask first or you won’t be able to help others. That means putting yourself first. Hard to do, right?

Boundaries are important in healthy relationships. Committing to care for and be with another “until death do you part,” does not mean you have to forgo and forget yourself.

People will only treat you as bad as you let them. Commitment doesn’t mean you are forsaken. It doesn’t mean you don’t matter. It doesn’t mean you matter less.

Take the time to take care of yourself… to honor your commitment to your body, your soul, your mind.

My friend and former boss, Norm Kent died Thursday. He was a dynamic, humble, enigmatic creature. I worked for him when I was in my 20’s …. I can still see the framed picture just outside of his office, in old fashioned script “To thine own self, be true…” Norm Kent was true. True to himself, true to life, true to the good fight, to commitment. His human presence will be missed here on Earth. I am lucky to have known such a deeply caring and honorable man… Norm opened his doors and his heart to everyone… yet he kept his boundaries. It is possible “to thine own self be true” … I’ve seen it in the flesh.

We will be here when you need us…


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