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Cardio and Laughter – the best medicine…

So, how do YOU deal with the stress of everyday life? Do you have a tactic for that? I get on a cardio machine and put on some stand-up comedy. Of course, Dave Chappelle is my go-to (Hiiiiii Dave Chappelle!), but honestly Netflix is kicking it out of the park. This morning was Jim Jefferies and the bicycle. Cardio releases endorphins and serotonin … laughter, well, it does the same. And, I guess I’ve never tried this, but I would think it would be impossible to laugh with a scowl (right?). You’re actually smiling while laugh…!

Changing your physicality (from slumped shoulders to upright smiling) changes your physiology (how your organs process what’s happening inside your body).

Whether you’re going through tough times or just dealing with everyday life, find a routine that spoils your body – inside and out – with laughter and joy. Find the joy… define your joy and no one can take it from you.

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