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Divorce for Sport(?)

So… it’s been a long time since my divorce. Thank GOD.

For some reason tonight, I took myself back to that time… when I was 6 months post-partum, with the depression that goes along with that. A mere thirteen MONTHS after I pledged my vows.

My divorce attorney told me to “play” my husband. To get him to tell bad behaviors of our child and to say that those behaviors never happened when the baby was with me, which was untrue, of course. When my husband figured out that he was being played, all bets were off. My divorce was nasty from the start, for sure, but it became even nastier because of the attorney I chose.

I have faced off against opposing counsel who have instructed their clients to drain all savings accounts on lavish furnishings, to give away a service animal (you read that right) of the other spouse who was a veteran of the Vietnam and Korean Wars … to “timeshare” in the same house without allowing the other spouse to talk to the two minor children while everyone was living under the same roof… to purchase a car (paid for in cash) before filing … the list goes on and on and on.

Breaking up does not have to be nasty. And, if you’re one of those who engaged in bad behaviors to “get even” … well, karma has a way of breaking even, this life or another.

If you want a “pound of flesh” lawyer, I will be happy to refer you to someone… it won’t be me who argues for no reason, bills you incessantly, and robs you and your children of the marital savings and assets…

It takes courage to say you’re unhappy and want to make a change… we don’t charge a premium for you to find your peace. We help you celebrate it … we help you reconnect with your happiness and your joy.

Whenever you’re ready, we will be right here.


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