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Florida families may need a parenting plan

If you have children, you usually need to establish a parenting plan after your divorce. This plan can help you divide your parenting responsibilities. It may also ease the transition when you need to move your children between houses.

You may think that you do not need a parenting plan if you and your ex-spouse agree on a time-sharing arrangement. According to the Florida Courts, all divorcing parents need a parenting plan. Both you and your spouse have to agree to all the terms before you can put this plan in place. The court may create a parenting plan for you if you do not put one together.

What should you include in a parenting plan?

This document needs to cover several aspects of your children’s lives. It should specify which parent will fill out forms for school and doctor’s visits. Additionally, the plan should explain how you and your spouse will divide parenting tasks.

Your children will likely move between homes as part of your time-sharing agreement. A parenting plan typically specifies how much time the children will spend with each parent, as well as where the children will spend holidays. When your children are with your ex-spouse, you will likely maintain contact with them. Your parenting plan describes how you will keep in touch with the kids.

Can you change the parenting plan?

After you put the parenting plan in place, you may realize that some of the terms are not feasible. The Florida Department of Revenue says that you and your spouse usually cannot just change the parenting plan. This document is typically part of your child support order. Because of this, you may need to work with a court to modify to plan.

When you take the time to put together a well-crafted parenting plan, this document can be beneficial for your family in the long term.


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