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Free Hugs (or Happy Birthday Gram!)

So… divorce is yucky right? It blurs the line between head and heart. Romance vs. statutes. I saw something recently that said you can’t see your reflection in boiling water … similarly you can’t make good decisions when you’re all twisted, both in your heart and head. (It was probably more poetic but you get the idea.)

I’m not a therapist. But I am a counselor – a counselor at law. And our clients need more than just a bland reading of the statutes. They need hugs sometimes … and I give those hugs. (No charge… haha lawyer humor.)

I’ve been where they are. It’s effing scary when your world is falling down around you. It downright terrifying.

But you’ll make it. I’ll walk with you thru the fire… I’ll do my very best to guide you and I’ll be right here when you need me.


Christine S. Cook has earned a reputation in the legal community for her professionalism and among her clients for the care and personal attention she gives to every case.

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