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How can you have a healthier divorce?

Even though divorce is certainly better than staying in an unfulfilling or abusive marriage, ending your marriage can take a toll on your emotional and mental well-being. In fact, according to Psychology Today, divorce tends to cause an intense emotional reaction that can include grief, anger, denial, anxiety and depression.

You do not have to surrender to the emotional turmoil that often accompanies divorce, fortunately. Still, having a healthier divorce requires both focus and commitment.

Keep up with physical exercise

While it may be tempting to avoid the gym when you are not feeling your best, staying active is one of the more effective ways to combat the emotional fallout from a divorce. Indeed, in addition to keeping you physically fit, exercise releases endorphins and other feel-good hormones. These can help you combat feelings of sadness and anxiety.

Lean on your friends

Your social circle may be more important to your emotional and psychological well-being than you think. Rather than worrying about burdening your friends, lean on them for strength and support during your divorce. Moreover, if you need help with everyday tasks, do not be afraid to ask those closest to you for assistance.

Get some professional help

It is not uncommon for individuals to go to divorce therapy during the final stages of their marriages. After all, divorce therapists not only listen to your concerns, but they also can recommend coping strategies. If seeing a conventional counselor is not within your budget, consider attending virtual therapy sessions.

Ultimately, by prioritizing your personal well-being during your divorce, you are likely to have what it takes to start the next phase of your life with confidence.


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