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What moves should you avoid when co-parenting?

Sharing parenting responsibilities with your ex may feel complicated at first. While working together for your children may be in the best interests of your little ones, you may still feel overwhelmed at times.

According to Healthline, people make several mistakes when it comes to co-parenting. For better results, you may want to do your best to avoid the following moves.

Avoiding communication

There may be times where you do not want to speak with your ex. However, for the sake of your children, you need to have regular contact. Try to communicate primarily via text or email if you have difficulty speaking over the phone or in person. When you talk through text, you have more time to consider your responses.

Ranting in front of your children

Never make your children think that one of you is the enemy. While there may be days you want to vent about your relationship, you should do so where your children cannot overhear. When children hear you talk poorly about one parent, they may internalize what you say.

Deviating from the plan

While it is healthy to compromise, you should not be inconsistent with the plan. For example, do not make a habit of asking for more time or delaying your time with your children. Unexpected events may come up where one of you either cannot care for the children or would like the children to take part in an activity. Your parenting plan can spell out how to handle compromise, so you never have to act inconsistently.

When you have the ground rules set and clear boundaries, co-parenting becomes easier.


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