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Will nesting work for you?

When you are deciding what to do about your housing situation after your divorce, consider some alternatives to the traditional methods.

Bird nesting is one such option. If you and your co-parent still get along decently, this is a good option to consider. First, make sure you understand how this living arrangement works.

Limiting stressful change

Divorce Mag looks into the option of nesting. Bird nesting involves the children staying in the family home, while you and your co-parent take turns living there with them. It mimics the way birds take care of their fledgling children, hence the name.

This provides the major benefit of limiting the number of stressful changes your children must face all at once. They no longer have to worry about adapting to a new environment, a new school or making new connections because they can simply stay in the home they know and love.

Making it work

This option will only work if you can meet two requirements. The first is trust in your co-parent. You will share a living space without actually being around to monitor one another, so you must have some confidence that your co-parent will respect your belongings and care for the home when you are not there.

You must also have the funds necessary to have two homes at once since you cannot live in the family home 24/7 any longer. If you have someone else you can stay with, this works as well.

Divorce is often hardest on kids. A creative approach to the inevitable changes can help your children adjust to their new lives.


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