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How can you cope with a divorce from a narcissist?

Divorce is difficult for all couples, even those who had a good relationship beforehand. Couples who divorce on friendly terms still have trouble acclimating to life after and they may still find themselves amidst disagreements. When divorcing a narcissist, however, the struggle tends to be worse.

According to Psychology Today, real narcissists are uncommon, but many people display narcissistic traits during a divorce.

How can you identify narcissistic red flags?

One major symptom of narcissism is grandiose behavior. Your spouse may be charming, arrogant and want to impress others. He or she may not cope with rejection or criticism. on top of that, your ex may act entitled. For instance, in the case of a divorce, he or she may believe that most of your items belong to him or her. When looking at a divorce, many narcissistic partners think of it as a competition. They may focus on winning.

How can you handle divorcing a narcissist?

During the divorce process, your ex may put his or her needs first or make decisions intentionally to hurt you or force you to react negatively. Most people who show narcissistic traits during the divorce but no other time experience situational narcissism. This means that following the divorce and once you separate, you no longer have to deal with the self-centered behavior. When dealing with narcissistic behavior, do not give in to your frustration. Acknowledge your anger and seek out your support system. Do not bother badmouthing the other person on social media or around your children. Instead, focus on yourself or your children and do not respond to fear.


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