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How Bad Can It Be?

So this is going to be a stream of consciousness entry… because after dealing with toxic divorce attorneys my brain is mush.

Over a year ago, when I was getting into the “collaborative movement” amongst the family law professionals, I referenced how many areas in which I’ve lived and been in the legal field.  I referenced all the types of law in which I’ve practiced or been exposed.  Then I referenced how horribly unprofessional, dysfunctional and unkind the family law bar in this area can be.

(Not everyone of course.)

And, I was told to shut-up by another lawyer who took offense… who told me that all of the lawyers take offense when I say something like that.

And, to that I say this: if you’re one of the lawyers who is offended by someone (me) saying that the family law bar in Pensacola is bad news, maybe you should be part of the change you wish to see.

Over the years I’ve heard that so-and-so lies… this one hides evidence, that one is unethical, this one is that and that one is this.  Most of the chatter has come from people  who have been through the process or potential new clients who are defecting from the toxic lawyer’s practice and seeking new counsel.  Always, I have given the lawyer the benefit of the doubt.  I mean, divorce is soul-rattling.  It takes otherwise rational-thinking people and turns them into savages.  I mean this with no offense; I was a savage when I was going through my own divorce.  It is kind of unavoidable… your ex is smearing your name, trying to take your kids… you have no place to live… everything is tenuous.  It is one hellacious experience.

But (BUT!!!) ………………….your divorce attorney is NOT going through that.  His or her kids are fine (hopefully); their living quarters are not in jeopardy.  Their spouse isn’t talking trash to everyone they know about them…

So, why so nasty? Why drink the Kool-aid?  Why hide documents?  Lie to the Court?  Insert yourself into marital/divorce decisions?

One local lawyer said this to me: I don’t know why I bother learning the law when all that matters is how loud you scream for the judge to rule in your favor.  What is the point?

Well, the point is the law.  The law is the law is the law.  And, I will continue to learn and practice the law and to apply the law in all of my cases.  My practice is not a “check the box” practice.  I am a lawyer and I will fight my hardest to research and apply the correct law as it applies to your case.

And, I won’t practice anymore against these lawyers who yell and scream and hide documents and churn their bills.  It is not fair to my clients (or theirs!) and it makes life living hell, which I’ve already been through, thank-you-very-much.

I will practice law, not emotions. I will uphold the integrity of the law and represent my clients with dignity.

And, the world will be a better place for it.  I will be the change I wish to see.

And, I will be here when you need me.


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