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What may I do with a will other than leave property to heirs?

A will gives you the ability to name a trusted executor or personal representative to distribute your property after you die. By following your will’s instructions, the probate court oversees transferring assets to specified individuals.

As noted by the Tampa Bay Times, you may also use your will to appoint a trusted guardian to care for your minor children after your death. You could also name an individual to care for your pets.

Who may I name as a guardian for my children?

Under Florida’s statutes, you may name a guardian to act as a surrogate for your minor children. A guardian may take over when both parents have died or a surviving parent becomes incapacitated.

As noted on the Florida Courts’ website, if you do not name a trusted individual in your will, a judge may appoint a guardian. A guardian has responsibility for financial and legal decisions. You may wish to name an individual with the right skills to manage your assets on behalf of your children.

How may an individual care for my pets?

As noted by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, you may name an individual as a caretaker for your animals and leave funds for their expenses. In some cases, your will may list a charitable organization that has agreed to take a pet after your death and place it in a loving home.

Aside from bequeathing property, Florida residents have several issues they may also include in a will. You could leave instructions for a guardian to manage your child’s personal care and outline how an individual should care for your pets.


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