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Will collaborative divorce work?

Collaborative divorce has seen an uptick in support from divorce advocates and attorneys across the board in recent years. More people find what they need within it.

But how does collaborative divorce work? More importantly, how do you know it will work for your family?

Do you need to agree on everything?

Forbes discusses some collaborative divorce methods. First, what is collaborative divorce? This method focuses on collaboration, i.e. both parties working together in order to achieve an agreeable end result.

Collaborative divorce does not demand both partners to agree on all facets of the split. In fact, if you agreed on everything, you would not need the help of collaborative attorneys to get through the process.

How collaboration works

In collaboration, you and your partner will each hire your own personal representative. These representatives will speak on your behalf, defending your position and arguing for what you want to see out of the divorce. Any meeting about the divorce will involve all four members: you, your partner, and both of your personal representatives.

You then work together to come to agreeable decisions on matters like child support, custody payments and how you will divide your assets or debts.

Of course, collaboration does not work for every couple. If you simply cannot seem to see eye-to-eye or make even the slightest concessions, then you may want to seek out another option.

However, if you can make collaboration work, then you will not only save time and money by not having to take your case to court. You will also preserve your privacy by not having your information in the public documents of a court case.


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