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Year: 2022

Comparing Florida’s divorce rate with other states

If you want to get a divorce, or find yourself thinking about ending your marriage but have reservations, it is important to focus on your individual circumstances and move forward [...]

Passport problems as a result of unpaid child support

If you currently owe back child support, you likely worry about many different challenges. This is a serious debt that can turn many facets of your life on end, whether [...]

Bad Moms Christmas

Change is hard. It’s scary. It’s also sometimes quite necessary. A bad marriage has several definitions, depending on who you are, I guess. What is your definition of marriage? Love [...]

Florida’s penalties for not paying child support

If you have to pay court-ordered child support, you expect these obligations soon because your relationship with your child's other parent is ending or you receive child support payments, it [...]

How can you have a healthier divorce?

Even though divorce is certainly better than staying in an unfulfilling or abusive marriage, ending your marriage can take a toll on your emotional and mental well-being. In fact, according [...]

Certified Family Law Mediator

I didn't write this article... Eddie Stephens did. I found that it is spot-on with the consult and counseling I give to my clients. Hopefully, you'll find this feeds your [...]

Are you overdue for an estate plan update?

Though creating the initial estate plan takes a lot of work, it is by no means the last step you will have to take for your estate on a whole. [...]

How do you divide your IP in a divorce?

When you think about intellectual property, you might envision big companies with major logos like Coca-Cola or Disney. However, everyone in Florida has access to IP protections and the value [...]


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