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Are you overdue for an estate plan update?

Though creating the initial estate plan takes a lot of work, it is by no means the last step you will have to take for your estate on a whole. In fact, estate plan management is something that will last for the rest of your life. After all, it is [...]

What are the grounds for terminating parental rights in Florida?

When it comes to the safety of your children, you as a parent are likely to do whatever you can to ensure it. However, complications may arise when it is the other parent who is the safety risk. Divorce and other custody arrangements help establish certain protections, timelines and distances [...]

How do you divide your IP in a divorce?

When you think about intellectual property, you might envision big companies with major logos like Coca-Cola or Disney. However, everyone in Florida has access to IP protections and the value it generates. Much like any marital property, IP that generates value — or that might generate value later — needs [...]

Plan your funeral with clear communication and the right trusts

Estate planning may seem intimidating but with the right communication and resources, you have plenty of options to make your wishes known. Handling your affairs ahead of time not only gets your preferences in writing — it helps ease the pressure on your family when they do not have to [...]

What should you include in your estate plan?

Estate planning is crucial for all people, regardless of age or financial status. Elements of estate plans offer protection to your loved ones, but they can also protect you while you are still alive. That is why estate plans must include certain items, which ensure your assets, your family, and [...]

The difference between equal and equitable property division

Equal and equitable distribution of marital property are two concepts that are similar but are not the same. Florida is an equitable distribution state. Understanding the difference between these concepts will help you prepare for your divorce. What does equal distribution mean? Equal distribution means that all marital property is [...]

Have peace of mind with a healthcare directive and financial POA

A major change to your life can happen at any time. You could suffer a head injury in a vehicle accident or become incapacitated due to a serious illness. A healthcare directive and a financial power of attorney (POA) are two estate planning tools that will ease your mind if [...]

Should time-sharing plans have first right of refusal clauses?

Few things in life have the potential to be more heart-wrenching than a child custody dispute. If you are going through a divorce, negotiating a time-sharing agreement may give you more control. That is, if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can come up with an acceptable plan, a judge is [...]

Will collaborative divorce work?

Collaborative divorce has seen an uptick in support from divorce advocates and attorneys across the board in recent years. More people find what they need within it. But how does collaborative divorce work? More importantly, how do you know it will work for your family? Do you need to agree [...]

What may I accomplish by creating a living trust?

Floridians often refer to a revocable trust as a “living” trust because of its use during your lifetime. A living trust, for example, serves as an estate planning tool that may also help you manage your assets now. The Florida Bar notes that a trust may also prevent you or [...]


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